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Internet Connections TAB removal

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By Joe Squiers

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Posted: 10 Nov 2004

We use a proxy server in order to filter internet browsing with BorderManager. There has been a worry that word will get out at the upper level campus and they will figure out how to take their proxies off and be able to browse anywhere. Here's how we solved it. This works great with our student users, and now there is not a worry of them being able to take off their proxies because they cannot see it. It is also nice because it is setup on a user package which means you are not associating it to anyone that you don't want to.

SOLUTION: Internet Connections TAB removal

  1. Map a drive to ZENserver\SYS\Public\Policy

  2. Right Click users OU
    New >> Policy Package

  3. User package >> Windows Group Policy

  4. Give the policy a name: Internet-Proxy Container: ____________

  5. Define Additional Properties of the Policy TAB down to >> WINNT-2000-XP
    Check windows group policy
    Select Properties

  6. Check User configuration
    Check Computer configuration
    Edit policies

  7. To edit the policies go to user configuration >>Administrative Tools >> Windows Components >> Internet Explorer >> Control Panel >> Connections Tab

  8. Enable this selection

Now you can associate whatever user you want and they will not be able to see their connection tab.

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