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Mounting USB Hard Drive to use for ZENworks Imaging

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By Ryan Altschwager

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Updated: 1 Jan 2005

PROBLEM: The ZENworks Imaging proxy server is unavailable to me and I found it a lot easier to use a USB hard drive to get images back and forth to different sites. I had to look up a few BASH commands for linux to get the hard drive to work from the system.

SOLUTION: You need to mount the USB hard drive to be able to use it from ZENworks Imaging. ZENworks Imaging comes with a mount/unmount command when you browse for your image, but that doesn't create a directory for you to mount it to. Here is the easiest way I found to do it.

  1. Load the ZENworks Imaging Boot CD
  2. Type "Manual" and hit Enter.
  3. At the next command prompt, type:
    MKDIR /mnt/usbhd
    This will make the directory you want to mount the USB hard drive to.
  4. Then you have to run this command to mount the drive to the directory you created:
    MOUNT /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbhd
  5. Now go into ZENworks imaging and do a create > local and type:
    /mnt/usbhd/"image name".zmg

Remember, ZENworks Imaging can only write to a FAT32 partition so you may have to reformat the drive you're trying to image to, if it is NTFS.

(This may be easy for linux people, but I didn't find it documented anywhere, so if it is and I missed it, I'm sorry.)

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