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AdRem NetCrunch 2.3

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Posted: 30 Apr 2003

Looking for great network maps and alert to prevent server downtime? Check out this newly updated shareware tool.

AdRem NetCrunch auto-detects and presents graphical network maps which reflect up-to-the-minute device and host status. You can define alerts and send them using any medium you wish (like phone, pager, e-mail, or ICQ). Includes handy IP package tools: graphical ping, traceroute, bandwidth utilization and port scanner. The program tests network response time, throughput and transmission performance. Includes IP subnetwork calculator. Supports SNMP, Windows NT and NetWare.

AdRem NetCrunch 2.3 - new functions

  • SNMP traps receiving added (the traps can be converted into one of the notification types)
  • SNMP forwarding added (the traps can be forwarded to other SNMP managers)
  • QDEV service monitoring enhanced
  • Monitoring of the HTTP service through the proxy server added
  • MIB Browser enhanced
  • Rescanning of network services improved
  • Workgroups and domains correctly displayed in German Windows
  • Sending e-mail alerts is possible when NetCrunch is installed as a service


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