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NetWare Systray Utility 1.05

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Posted: 29 May 2003

Heads Up: Here's a very slick way to clear away some clutter from your desktop. This little freebie consolidates a lot of your most important NetWare Tools, Support Links and Resources into one tidy click. Check it out.

NetWare Systray gives you:

  • Access to most important Novell Internet links
  • Direct Access to 20 NetWare Management Portals (configurable)
  • Direct Access to 20 RemoteConsole-Connections (configurable)
  • Access to NetWare 6 Administrator Web Tools (WebManager, iManage and iMonitor)
  • Access to NetWare Administrator, NDS-Manager, ConsoleOne and DNS/DHCP-Console
  • TID-Finder (searches for a TID by TID-number over the Internet)
  • Error Code Translator (translates ErrorCodes to ErrorDescriptions)
  • Access to NetWare Control Center (NetWare Logfile- and Event-Viewer)
  • Direct Access to 20 user-defined programs (configurable)
  • Direct Access to 20 user-defined Internet-links (configurable)
  • Printer-Management (up to 20 user-defined printers)
  • Switch-Management (up to 20 user-defined switches)
  • External Icon Support for user-defined programs
  • Easy Configuration using a simple text file (NSU.INI)

New in Version 1.05 (2003-05-17)

NEW: Printer-Management (up to 20 user defined printers)
NEW: Switch-Management (up to 20 user defined switches)
NEW: NetWare Management Portal Separator Line Support
NEW: NetWare Remote Consolen Separator Line Support


Download from here.

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