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Failing the NAV Master Server from one node to another on a NetWare Cluster

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By Jack Turner

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Posted: 12 Jun 2003

If you are running Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) on a clustered NetWare system, you don't have any native way to fail the NAV Master Server from one node to another. The eDirectory Cool Solutions article about Stuffkey NLM reminded me of how I managed to accomplish this trick. I've only done this in a test environment, but it seemed to work just fine.

  1. Place the STUFFKEY.NLM and the UN-NAV.TXT file (detailed below) in the SYSTEM directory of each cluster server.
  2. Install NAV on the SYS volume of each cluster server.
  3. Designate one of these servers as the Master NAV server.
  4. Create a NAV-dedicated volume (it can be very small), but do not add it to the cluster yet.
  5. Unload NAV on the Master Nserver.
  6. Copy the SYS:\NAV directory to the new NAV-dedicated volume.
  7. Cluster enable the NAV-dedicated volume, and edit the load and unload scripts as follows.
  8. Load NAV from the NAV-dedicated volume on the Master Server.
  9. Using the NAV console, make the new virtual "Cluster Server" the NAV Master Server.

Now you have two \NAV directories -- one on the SYS volume for running everyday, non-master server NAV, and the other on the SAV-dedicated volume for running Master Server SAV. The load script simply causes a node in the cluster to unload "Non-Master NAV" and then to load "Master NAV."


Note: The scripts shown below assume that the volume name is NAV1 and IP address is -- use actual names once they've been assigned.


stuffkey sys:\system\un-nav.txt
nss /activate=NAV1
mount NAV1 VOLID=??
trustmig NAV1 watch
add secondary ipaddress
load sys:\backex\bin\cmagent --ssicmapi e
NAV1:\NAV\VPSTART /install


stuffkey sys:\system\un-nav.txt
load sys:\backex\bin\shutcm --ssicmapi e
del secondary ipaddress
trustmig NAV1 unwatch
dismount NAV1 /force
nss /forcedeactivate=NAV1


# Unload Norton AntiVirus
# --------------------------------------------------
# Go to the NAV screen and unload it
<screen=Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition>
# Wait for the NLM's to terminate
<waitfor noscreen=Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition>

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