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Posted: 25 Jun 2003

We saw an interesting post in the iPrint Support Forums, and thought it would be fun to do a contest to find the coolest iPrint maps. In the original post, Luis W. says:

I guess this is where some fun comes into play with our jobs!! I need some ideas besides normal office maps, or how did any of you create your office maps? Are there any samples online other than the two samples provided by iPrint?

If you've done some creative things to present your users with iPrint maps, we'd love to hear about it. If you can send screen captures, we'd love to display them. If you're an enduser who loves the clever iPrint map your IT guys made for you, you're welcome to submit it too. The more the merrier.

Send your entries to Everyone who submits an entry we can publish will get a Novell t-shirt and the warm conviction that they've made the world a little brighter. (If we get multiple submissions of the same iPrint map, the shirt goes to the first one who sent it.)

Map Suggestions

Alternatives to Maps

Map Suggestions


I work on a ship. For our main iPrint page we used a cross-section schematic of the ship with the various decks in different colors (mouseover descriptions of the decks for convenience). Click on a deck, get a printer map. Very easy and our guests also get some valuable info on which offices are on which decks, etc. Two birds with one stone!

Doug P.

I got the CAD drawings of our buildings and then simplified them and saved them as GIFs and used them as the backgrounds.

Keith Winn

I took and scanned the various floors of our building from the blueprints that the builders used to build the cubes, as they already had the printer locations. I was then able to put the printers on the map where the builders had drawn them. I used colored icons for color printers.

Steven Fried

I haven't got to try it yet, but why not use a digital camera and convert the image to a .gif to pinpoint the location for those that are map challenged?

Barry Turner

We include html code on our intranet's main iPrint link to sense the requestor's source IP address (obtained via DHCP). This is in turn used to redirect and automatically "drill down" to the user's local facility map for obtaining the closest iPrint printers when the user selects the main iPrint link. Each facility's local html map page also maintains a link back to the top level global map in case a user wants to add a printer not in the local area.

Lennart Holm

I took and scanned the various floors of our building. Some maps I had to draw my self (I actually used MSPaint). I then put the printers on the map. I used colored icons for color printers and the copying machine icon for the copying machine. Attaching a map to show you how I did it.

Alternatives to Maps

Ryan Seale

We are a college campus of roughly 30 buildings and many floors. We have about 200 networked printers and management of printers is a large task. Creating and maintaining iPrint maps would require too much time for this many printers and buildings, but an organization system needed to be put in place for users to be able to find their printers.

We started by going out and surveying the printers on campus. While we got the printer information such as ip address and model of printer, we put custom labels on the printer. (Example: for the Administrative building, the printers were labeled as ADM0001, ADM0002, etc.) Then we had dns names created for the printers that corresponded with their labels.

Creating printers in iPrint was then a snap and required little guess work since we had already done all the work up front. Users can go to the printer they wish to use and read the label. Once they know the printer name, they can find the corresponding printer on the default iPrint list. It's easy since they're grouped alphabetically and organized by building based on the labels we created. This solution has saved us many hours of work and will continue to make driver updates and any printer changes easier for our support teams.

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To learn more about how to configure custom html iPrint maps, see Configuring Your iPrint Maps

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