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Making Wholesale Changes in the Labs

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By Donald Mundrick

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Posted: 25 Jun 2003

Here is a trick that we developed for making wholesale changes in our computer labs.

We needed to change the tree name and context on over a thousand computers as well as remove old printer settings and update the printers.

We could not use regedit through the login script as the workstations could not find the new tree.

Solution? Make the appropriate changes on one computer and export the settings to a .reg file. Create a DOS boot disk with regedit.exe and the .reg files. Make an autoexec.bat that calls regedit with the .reg files. Make a bunch of copies of the disk and reboot every machine with the boot diskette. Whango bango, what would have taken days now took a couple of hours.

Or as one person put it "Hey, you guys are just a benevolent virus!"

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