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Installation of Open Watcom 1.0 and the NDK to create NLM's

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By Bjoern Gaul

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Posted: 10 Jul 2003

Wondering how to install Open Watcom 1.0 to program NetWare NLM's? The manual for original Watcom is not as helpful as it could be. Here's how you do it.

  1. Install Open Watcom 1.0. Select NetWare as Target System.

  2. Install NLM and NetWare Libraries for C (NDK).

  3. Edit the Systemenvironment-Variables and add ?C:\NOVELL\ndk\nwsdk\tools? to the ?Path-Environment?.

  4. Run ?C:\NOVELL\ndk\nwsdk\tools\makeinit.exe? and type in the following answers.
    • Path to Watcom compiler: C:\watcom\
    • Path to NetWare SDK: C:\novell\sdk\nwsdk\
    • Change Input?: N

  5. Create ?C:\watcom\novi? and copy all files in the ?C:\NOVELL\ndk\nwsdk\imports? to it.

  6. Edit the file ?C:\watcom\binw\ide.cfg?. Now you have to change three lines. Search for: -
    • CSwitch 0, ?????, "No default libraries", "op nod", OFF
      Change the OFF to ON.
    • -
    • VSwitch 1, l????, "Import names(,):", imp, " ", MULTI, REQ,??
      Change the last ?? to: ?$(nlm386imp)\\all.imp?
    • -
    • VSwitch 0, l????, "Include directories:", -i, =, MULTI, REQ, $(%watcom)\novh
      Add ;$(nlm386hdr) to the end of the line.

  7. Reboot your Machine. The install is complete.

Create your Project to compile NetWare Loadable Module (NLM)

  1. Create a new project. (NetWare 32-Bit NLM)

  2. Add new Sources. First add the ?C:\watcom\novi\prelude.obj? and then your Source. (Only *.c Files)

  3. Add to your source code the following lines:
      void __WATCOM_Prelude (void)

  4. Now you can finish your Project and compile it. Watcom should produce a nice NLM.

If you have any questions you may contact Bjoern at

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