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The Mystery of the Frozen PCs

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Chad Brown

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Posted: 16 Jul 2003

I had a frustrating problem and thought I'd share my experience so someone else won't have to go through it.

I found that any action in Windows Explorer, or any kind of browsing, locked numerous PC's on login-script-mapped Novell drives. This only happened to the newest WinXP SP1 installs of client 4.83SPX. You would have to wait for 10-15 minutes for the PC to unlock.

I went through two months (yes, 2 months) of Novell Support troubleshooting. All NW6 servers resulted in being updated to SP3. We added 2 gig RAM to the master eDirectory server.

The solution was in WinXP SP1: apparently there is a "webclient service" which at times needed to be "stopped". At the instant this WinXP SP1 webclient service was stopped on the PC level, all problems went away.

For two months tech support and myself searched Novell issues, only to find it was a Microsoft issue.

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