Installing iFolder 2.1 on Active Directory

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By Michael Barrow

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Posted: 23 Jul 2003

When installing iFolder 2.1 on Active Directory, setup fails when logging in to the iFolder Management Console. - Global settings page with the following error message:

"Unable to add iFolder_ServerAgent to Global Setting LDAP"

This is caused by a strong Password Policy in Active Directory Group Policy that prevents the "ifolder_ServerAgent" user from being created in AD. The iFolder installation creates this user with a short password, so if a strong password policy is in place the install will fail.

SOLUTION: While installing iFolder Temporarily change or remove the password policy in the AD Group Policy.

Reinstate password policy after the installation.

You can reproduce this problem if you configure a Group Policy using following instructions.

Account Policies
Password Policy

Set password length to 10.
Install iFolder 2.1

If you have any questions you may contact Michael at Michael.barrow@salfordsoftware.co.uk

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