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Using RSync on NetWare for Backup

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By Andrew White

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Posted: 28 Jul 2003

We've been using RSync on NetWare for a while now copying data from remote sites to our main site, primarily so we can backup the data here rather than down the WAN but also so we have a secondary real-time copy refreshed every 60 minutes. If you get the timing right, it's quite handy for those file deletion moments students sometimes do....

However, we also use RSync to copy data from Win32 servers to a NetWare box as well which has saved me a fortune in Windows backup software. Here's how I do it.

1. Download a copy of RSYNC for Win32 (google finds quite a few), we use v 246 but newer versions are out there. [Here's one place to get it.]

2. Set up the destination NetWare server as per the instructions in Using RSYNC for NetWare Outside of Nterprise Branch Office.

path = DATA:/IIS
comment = IIS Server
read only = no

3. Create a new folder on the C drive of your Windows box and copy in the rsync.exe and any other files you downloaded earlier.

4. Create a batch file called backup.bat and in it have the following:

Rem Start Batch file
Set path=c:\rsync;%path%
Set CYGWIN=tty binary
Set TERM=ansi
Set HOME=c:\rsync
Rem Copies c:\inetpub IIS webroot
c:\rsync\rsync246 -vrWuz --delete --update "/inetpub"
Rem End Batch file

If the files were on drive D, you would use "/cygdrive/d/inetpub"

I have this scheduled to run every night at 9pm and the files are then backed up off the NetWare server about 3am the following morning as part of the standard overnight backups.

Andrew is a Network Manager at Salisbury College, UK. If you have any questions you may contact him at

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