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DOS Nprinter replacement for Pure IP NDPS

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By Erwin Veermans

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Posted: 2 Sep 2003

Have you searched in vain for a replacement for Novell's Nprinter.exe when your network migrated to pure IP? Looking for print servers while short on budget but still having some obsolete workstations lying around? Then read on.

When I migrated from NetWare 4.x to NetWare 5.1 some years ago and was making the transition from IPX to pure IP, I got stuck with some old workstations still in use as dedicated print servers using Nprinter.exe on the IPX-stack.

After some searching I found PPRD.EXE, a WATTCP LPD print server by Ken Yap. By recompiling PPRD to include DHCP support and some tweaking on the client as on the NDS side I was able to reproduce my IPX- based Nprinter.exe setup by this pure IP PPRD setup and my users never noticed the difference. However it was barely reproducable so I never sought to share my solution.

Now with NwDsk, a modular NetWare boot disk featured on CoolTools, a fully automated solution came within reach.

What you need is a workstation with 16 MB Ram, a floppy unit or a hard disk, a parallel port to attach your printer, and a nic that has a driver listed with NwDsk.

1 -- Configure the DOS print server

Build your NwDsk-LPD diskette by following the steps in NwDsk FAQ-39 or download SFX-image Fd1632lp.exe. Boot it on your workstation with printer attached and fill in a fixed IP address (or DHCP fixed lease) and a Printer-Name.

2 -- Configure the NDPS Printer Agent in your NDS

Apply TID 10060125 "Step 4" item 2 ("Create the NDPS printer agent ...") using the IP address and the printer-name. Deploy the printer to your clients using NDPS, or attach a queue (see TID 10012857).

That's it!

I have it in production for many years now and I even consider it an improvement over Nprinter.exe since it will survive server reboots (Nprinter needed a reset when the corresponding Pserver.nlm was restarted), and produces some console feedback.

Please read NwDsk FAQ-39 and the PPRD manual for more info.

If you have any questions you may contact Erwin at

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