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Searching Extra Large Trees

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By Darren Reevell

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Posted: 16 Sep 2003

The Problem

When performing a directory search in ConsoleOne in a large directory information tree, ConsoleOne only returns the first 2000 objects.

The Solution

This is a limitation of ConsoleOne. If you need to perform a search on a large directory information tree you should use the iMonitor search facility from a server holding the [Root] partition.

Another way is to use DSBROWSE on a NetWare 5/6 server to perform the search.

Searching to ALL Object Type

To search for all objects within single, multiple or all partitions on ONE server.

  1. Load DSBROWSE.
  2. Choose Object Search.
  3. Enter * (asterisk) in the Name field in the Object Information section.
  4. Scroll down to Addition Search Criteria and press ENTER.
  5. Highlight the partition(s) you wish to search, press F5, and then F10 when you have finished.
  6. Press F10 to perform search and Esc when the Error Report screen appears.

The above method can be used to determine how many objects are in the servers External Reference Partition.

Searching for Specific Object Types

The above can be tailored to perform searches for object names and/or object types.

You can specify object names by entering the desired name in the Name field within the Object Information field.

You can specify object type by entering the desired search type (User, Workstation for example) in the Class field within the Object Information Field.

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