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Recovering Data when Password was Written in Greek

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Posted: 8 Oct 2003

We recently ran this OPEN CALL in the Q&A:

Question: Greg K. wrote: Hello, I have a Novell 3.12, and XP pro Clients. I changed the password of the supervisor, from a client but the password was written with Greek characters. Now I cannot login. The NDS has only 2 users. Supervisor and guest. I don't know what to do now. The data is very important, so I have to find a solution. I tried some reset password tools but nothing. Now what I am thinking is only the data. How can I recover it and copy it to another disk?

Answer: OPEN CALL: It's all Greek to us (couldn't resist...). If anyone out there knows how to help Greg, please let us know.


Mobeen Azhar

It isn't quite clear what the problem is. At one point Greg mentions "I have a Novell 3.12, and XP pro Clients" and then later on he says "The NDS has only 2 users". Is he running NetWare 3.12 (which does not have NDS)? If so, where is this "NDS" that he talks about?

If he has simply lost the supervisor password to the server, there is a NetWare debug hack to blank it out.

Ed S.

Here is an NLM that came into my possession many years ago, called SETPWD.NLM

This NLM can be put on a floppy disk and executed from the server console. It's worked on NetWare 3.x through 6.x.

  1. Insert Floppy disk into drive A
  2. Type SEARCH ADD A:\
  3. Type Load SETPWD <username> <Password>

It will just change the password of the user and not ask for the old one or a confirmation.

Note: For 4.x through 6.x servers make sure you have changed into the proper context of the user you wish to change the password of.

This utility will only change users in the context you are in.

Hope this helps!

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