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NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office Quick Start Card

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Posted: 8 Oct 2003

Are you getting ready to deploy the new NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office to your users? If so, then you will certainly want to check out the cool new NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office Quick Start Card by BrainStorm, Inc., Novell's Authorized End-User Training Partner. The card is sure to help your users get up to speed in no time at all.

BrainStorm, Inc., the company that brought you the famous and extremely popular GroupWise Quick Start Cards, has announced the introduction of a new card, the GroupWise NetWare 6.5 Virtual Office Quick Start Card. This card has been designed to help those who are planning to roll out Virtual Office, the cool new end-user portal contained in NetWare. With this card, your users will agree that Virtual office is truly a powerful tool and is a cinch to use.

BrainStorm has worked very closely with Novell to develop the most effective end-user training services and materials. BrainStorm's Quick Start Cards (which are now available for NetWare Virtual Office, GroupWise, GroupWise WebAccess, and GroupWise Document Management) have become some of the most popular end-user training tools ever developed for Novell products.

If you have questions or would like more information, then please feel free to contact your BrainStorm Education Consultant at 801.229.1337 or You can also view a sample of BrainStorm's cards at

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