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Success: NetWare 6.5 Virtual Teams in a School

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By Charles Leclerc

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Posted: 14 Oct 2003

We have a portal for the students and teachers. With the Virtual Team, available with NetWare 6.5, we can make a virtual team for each subject in the school, so the teachers giving a particular subject are able to regroup all the students in a central location and provide them with notes, presentations web sites, etc...

Also the students can send their homework or access the chat room for a particular subject and have a study session or just chat about anything else. This aspect of NetWare 6.5 is a real improvement for the schools. It creates a central web for the students and the teachers. And in the future the parents also. They'll be able to see their children's records and activities. This makes virtual teams (NetWare 6.5) a must. Thanks.

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