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Success: NetWare Server Runs Like Crazy

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Ashutosh Dhoundiyal

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Posted: 14 Oct 2003

We began using Novell 3.1 nine years ago. We are very much satisfied with our server. We have not needed to change our server for the last nine years. This is a success. Our server has been working for years without shutting down. We have a record of continuously running our Novell server for 393 days.

It actually shut down not because of any problem on the server, but because of an electricity problem. Many times our electricity has failed and the server gets switched off, but we have never lost any data from it.

We are proud owners of a Novell NetWare Server. We tested a Microsoft Windows NT server also but we needed to shut it down once every 30 days and it worked very slow also. Now we are thinking of upgrading our Novell server with the new version. We hope Novell will continue its standard in new versions also. Thanks!

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