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Clearing a Previous Login off a WinXP Machine

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By Pascal Grosset-Grange

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Posted: 14 Oct 2003

I've got a tip that could be useful, and I would like to share. It's about clearing the client32 login dialog box of previously logged-in username on a WinXP box. I searched the web for hours for this info, and finally just had to figure it out for myself. Hope it helps someone!

  1. Run regedit.
  2. Go to:
    HKLM\software\novell\location profiles\services\{1e6ceea1-fb73-11cf-bd7600001b27da23}\default
    (all on one line).
  3. Modify these keys as follows:

    "Save On Exit"=DWORD:0
    "UserName"=REG_SZ:"" (empty field)

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