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Copying Files at the Console

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By John Jakus

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Posted: 30 Oct 2003

There are times when you need to copy files at the console. Say, the NIC driver is acting up and a client can't attach. Or maybe the NIC is causing a problem that prevents the GUI from being accessed on NetWare 5.x and 6.x.

With NetWare 5.x and 6.x you can shell out to a command prompt to do DOS-type file management commands. Here's how.

  1. First make sure that NSNINIT is loaded. If not load it.
  2. Next type NSNSHELL. This will take you to a command prompt.
  3. Now typical command such as "cd\system", "cd..", or "copy n100.lan sys:\n100.bad\n100.lan" can be performed.
  4. To get back to the console, type exit


Server> nsninit
Server> nsnshell
Novell Script for NetWare
Version 2.0

SYS:\>md testit
SYS:\>cd system
SYS:\SYSTEM\>copy n100.lan sys:\testit\n100.lan
File n100.lan copied
Directory of SERVER/SYS:/testit
.         <DIR>
..        <DIR>
N100.LAN    73972   09/26/03 12:13:08 pm N100.LAN
   2 Dir(s).   1 File(s)

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