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Posted: 25 Nov 2003

Update: Guess what, they've gone into beta for Portlock Storage Manager native on Linux. Check it out at

A lot of customers are asking Portlock about our position and thoughts on Novell's entry into the Linux market and how we will respond to supporting Novell and the Linux market.

Portlock considers Novell's move into the Linux market brilliant. The acquisition of SuSE gives Novell a strong platform that is very popular on which to base Novell's technology upon. Portlock fully supports Novell's new strategy and we will completely support Linux and NetWare on Linux. As the only company with full disk level support for Novell's NSS file system, we are clearly in a strong position to provide support for NetWare on Linux including NSS.

Linux and Portlock Storage Manager

Portlock released beta support for Linux, which includes SuSE 8.1 - 9.0 and RedHat 7.3 - 9.0, September 2003. We currently support Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS v3 for Linux. Our next step is to port Storage Manager to run natively on Linux and add support for NSS and ReiserFS v4. We plan to release the Linux native port into beta in January 2004 and release production products during Novell's BrainShare conference March 2004.

What benefits will this provide both NetWare and Linux customers?

Portlock will continue to release NLM versions of Portlock Storage Manager. By adding a Linux native port, additional benefits will be achieved:

  • The ability to create a booting CD that supports both Linux and NetWare systems.
  • Increased TCP/IP performance compared to using the Novell DOS Client for bare-metal systems.
  • Increased Disk performance compared to using DOS ASPI drivers for bare-metal systems.
  • Improved GUI. Both NetWare and Linux support the X-Windows API. This means that Portlock will be able to enhance Storage Manager with an improved GUI interface that has the same look and feel on bare-metal machines with no OS and for Linux and NetWare.
  • Portlock will add powerful new features supporting both NetWare and Linux.

    1. File System Conversion. Portlock Storage Manager / Portlock Scorpion will support converting file systems between Novell and Linux formats:
      • NetWare Traditional <-> NSS
      • Ext2 <-> NSS
      • ReiserFS <-> NSS
    2. System Backup and Restore. Portlock Storage Manager will support "classic" file based backup and restore.
      • Backup and restore individual file sets to / from a variety of media and locations. (Tape, Disk Farms, FTP and Web Servers, DVD Writers).
      • Bare-metal disaster recovery. Boot from CD / DVD and restore a system with no operating system installed from a variety of media and locations. (Tape, Disk Farms, FTP and Web Servers, DVD Writers).

    How do I learn more?

    • Participate in our Linux Beta program beginning January 2004.
    • Attend our session titled "Storage Management for Linux and NetWare with Portlock Storage Manager" at Novell BrainShare 2004, March 21-26, 2004.

    For more information about Portlock Software, you can find them here in the Novell Partner Guide.

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