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Avoiding NetStorage Login Problems

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By Magnus Ardstrom

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Posted: 25 Nov 2003

Are you having problems logging in to NetStorage? Did you state the wrong hostname/domain/context during install? Can't log in to NSadmin? Change password of the user used when installed NetStorage, and can't login now? Here's an elegant solution.

  1. Create a Netstorage_proxy user with Supervisor file rights. Read TID 10081805 for more info.
  2. Modify this script to suit your needs.
  3. Use the IP address of the server if you have problem resolving hostnames. Add as many context as you like but remember NetStorage searches subcontainers so you might only use an o.
  4. Download stuffkey.nlm and paste this script into a txt file, execute and lean backward and watch.
  5. Then run nvxadmdn, unload java,Delay 10 :-), tomcat33, nvxadmup. Make sure mod_xsrv loads by apache.


 <SCREEN=System Console>

# without leading period
rd "Proxy Username"<cr>
mk "Proxy Username" REG_SZ Netstorage_proxy.ou.o<cr>
rd "Proxy Password"<cr>
mk "Proxy Password" REG_SZ netstorage_password<cr>

rd Authentication domains<cr>
md Authentication domains<cr>
cd Authentication domains<cr>
mk [Default] REG_SZ Primary<cr>
md Users.o<cr>
md moreous.o<cr>

If you have any questions you may contact Magnus at

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