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Adding a NW6.5 server into your Tree

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Posted: 2 Dec 2003

We've heard from a lot of people who want some advice on what to do before introducing new NetWare 6.5 servers into a tree with existing NetWare 5.1 and 6 servers. Here are some ideas. OPEN CALL: If you have other advice to add, please let us know.

Glen Davis

Here are some things to do.

  1. Update all 5.1 servers to sp6 - this will put the NICI 2.x on the servers as well as get it to the latest code.
  2. Run Pkidiag on any servers being upgraded and make sure certificates are good. It would probably be a good idea to also run sdidiag and fix any tree key issues (do this after sp6 is applied). Support's number 1 problem is customers who have broken Certificates and or tree keys, who upgrade and find that most of their products won't run because security is broken.
  3. NW6sp1 should be fine, but most testing has been done with servers with NW6sp3. At a minimum you should probably update any NW6 servers being upgraded.
  4. Run all the checks from the deployment manager (DS check, schema update, etc.).

Other Suggestions

Jan Wiersma

I've added 6.5 to a 5.1 Tree many times with the following plan:

First step is to update your NDS to eDirectory. The current NDS must be 883c

Before you can upgrade to eDirectory install SP6 for NetWare 5.1, install additional updates install JVM131 SP5.

Install order and tips:

  1. Install the NDS 883 update.
  2. Reboot the server and make sure no users are connected.
  3. Check, check and double-check your current NDS health using DSREPAIR. Also run a DSREPAIR -RC to backup the database. Also check timesync. (I have had major DS crashes because I did not check health and I did not have a good backup.)
  4. Make sure your SYS volume has enough free disk space
  5. Use TRUSTEE.NLM to export all trustee rights. (believe me.. this is a life saver when this whole update process crashes)
  6. Run the SP6 update process.
  7. Run additional updates
  8. Run the JVM update, make sure JAVA.NLM is not loaded.
  9. Check NDS health and timesync again... and you're ready to upgrade to eDirectory.

Download and install the eDirectory on your NetWare 5.1 servers (See also

Now you have a NetWare 5.1 SP6 server with eDirectory installed.

After this the Tree is ready for your first NetWare 6.5 server.

Have fun :-)

Ed Segraves

Make sure your backup system (TSM, Arcserve) supports 6.5 and you have the proper agents installed.

Royce L. Robinson

If you have NetWare Cluster Services with more than two nodes in the cluster, be sure to get your license purchased and ready to install before do an upgrade on the cluster.

Dave Stout

Tip for Named and DHCP... Make sure you are using the latest version of the DNSDHCP console. I couldn't get in to administer DNS or DHCP until I downloaded and installed the latest console.

Brad Spilde

  1. Don't panic!
  2. Check to see that the Certificate Authority is running correctly. (PKIDiag and try to create a new certificate)
  3. Run eDir Health Checks on DS and Schema!!!!!
  4. Update your NetWare OS to the latest service packs.
  5. Follow all recommended checks from the Deployment Manager.
  6. You may want to install iManager 2.0.1 on at least one of the servers in your tree.

I didn't run into any issues, unlike implementing the first NW 5.1 server into the tree.

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