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Posted: 14 Jan 2004

Here's an interesting new tool (not free -- it's a trial version) just added to our Tools page. Worth a look.

Novell NetWare Revisor allows you to receive and store server's image, containing information about containers, groups, users, their hierarchy, catalogues' access rights, to view the connected users and the files they have opened, to disconnect unwanted users from the server and to control registration, to construct and to create HTML-reports about the objects' structure, to create virtual servers, to restore catalogues structure on the server and rights for them, as well as many other things.

Works with NetWare servers

  • Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x operation systems support.
  • The available in the network Novell NetWare servers list viewing with the workstation filtration feature.
  • Brief information about the server receiving (operation system's version, availability, authorization state, distance by the server).
  • Console commands server execution.
  • Blocking and unblocking the server.


  • Tuned automatic authorization on the available servers in the network.
  • Keeping the automatic authorization log.
  • Manual authorization on the servers through BINDERY and NDS.
  • Receiving the users' list for the manual authorization in advance.

Receiving and storing servers' image

  • Information about the objects' structure (containers, users, groups) receiving and storing into the program's database.
  • Import, export, copying and renaming the images, stored in the program database.
  • Viewing and editing servers' images outside the network.

Reports creating

  • Visual constructing and creating of HTML-reports of any complexity about the servers' objects, based on the stored information in the program database.

Connected users viewing

  • Connected to the server at the moment users', connections' and files opened by them list viewing.
  • Defining active users with administrator rights.
  • Disconnection of unwanted users and connections from the server.
  • Feature to send messages to users and connections.
  • Denying and permitting connection of users to the server.


  • Catalogues structure restoring on the server.
  • Catalogues access rights restoring.
  • Keeping the restoring log.

Fast navigation

  • Comfortable and thought-over interface, allowing to find necessary information during short time.

Trial version limitations

  • Maximal quantity of users, stored in the database is 50.
  • No feature to disconnect users from the server.


  • You can download it from here.

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