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Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Daniel Stricharz

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Posted: 19 May 1999

QuickTID was designed to provide fast access to Novell Technical Information Documents (TIDs). It will allow you to call a TID without opening your web browser and surfing to the Novell Knowledgebase first. Instead, it will open your default browser and redirect you to the specific TID on its own after you've supplied the TID number. This mechanism proves to be useful if you receive references to specific TIDS in e-mail or news postings, such as "Check TID #01234. It may solve your problem."

Using QuickTID, which resides in the system tray, you need to copy the TID number and past it into the QuickTID entry field only. Clicking on the "Go" button will do the rest.

Editor's Note: In response to popular demand, Mr. Stricharz has kindly allowed us to offer his utility here. Enjoy! But remember: he's not responsible for any ill effects this program might cause. And neither is Novell. Proceed at your own risk.

To install this utility, you need a Windows 95/98 or Windows NT computer. The zip file contains a readme with further usage instructions.

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