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More Advice on Hardware Upgrades

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By Mark Gingell

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

Here's a list of things to check before you do your next hardware upgrade. Mark read our article on hardware upgrades, took our offer for free shirt to heart, fired up his keyboard, and sent us a copy of his hardware upgrade checklist. Mark's list is chock-full of good suggestions, and he even steers you around some gotchas that bit him. Read and enjoy!

In regards to hardware upgrades, I want to make a few suggestions:

  • Make sure that all external print servers, network fax servers, and any other attachments are shut down during backup and restore of the server.
  • Make sure print servers, mail servers, and any software running on the server is unloaded during backup. In short, make sure that only software running on the server is software required to back up the server and nothing is attaching to the server.
  • Try remarking any unnecessary software in startup.ncf and autoexec.ncf, restarting the server, and starting TSAs and or tape backup software manually. Be aware of "auto attaching" devices and stations after restarting the server. This insures files are closed and a clean backup is performed
  • Another thing is to make sure that more than one station is logged into the server in case after running the "DSMAINT" process your station get cuts off. I ran into this situation, but I had 3 stations logged in so I was able to retrieve the backup.ds (or backup.nds in NW5).
  • Make sure that the SMS compliant backup is actually running in SMS mode. Some backup software has SMS compliance but requires software setup to be running in this mode. Accelerators are noted to not be SMS compliant unless setup for SMS.
  • Read anything you can regarding this process, and if you have WANs, make sure the the carrier is not going to touch your lines (such as testing) during this process. In fact, make sure that there are no remote partitions affected and any WANs are 100% up.

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