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Just how much space do your NDS files use?

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By David Ruwoldt

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Posted: 22 Jul 1999

It's round two, and the directory services file size saga continues. Two weeks ago, we published a tip from the trenches that showed you how to use NDSDir to determine the file size of NDS. This week we've got a fresh tip (on what's turning out to be a surprisingly hot topic) that shows you another way to calculate how much space your NDS files are taking up on the server.

David Ruwoldt, from the land down under, suggested using Novell's Toolbox.nlm to determine the file size of NDS with NetWare 4.x.

You can use the Novell Toolbox.nlm file, which works on NetWare 4.11, to do a dir command. Here's how:

  1. To load the Toolbox, type load toolbox at the server console.
  2. Type chdir sys:_netware
  3. Now type dir

You will get a listing of all NDS files for Netware. At the end you will also get the size in bytes that is being used by the files.

Ready to give this a try? You can read all about the Toolbox utility in this TID, and you can download version 7 (the older version) of Toolbox.nlm right here.

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