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Use NETBASIC to determine the file size of NDS

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By Paul Jamieson

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Posted: 29 Jul 1999

Hot on the heels of last week's tip about using Toolbox.nlm to determine the file size of directory services, Paul Jamieson arrives on the scene with yet one more way to determine the size of NDS. Who said size doesn't matter?

I was reading about calculating the size of a server's sys:_netware directory, and I have found one of the easiest ways to acheive this function, at least on NetWare 4.11, I load NETBASIC, which comes free with NetWare 4.11.

Follow the steps below to determine the size of your sys:_netware directory:

  1. Load NETBASIC.
  2. Type shell.
  3. Type cd\_netware.
  4. Type dir.
  5. Type quit to exit the shell command.
  6. Unload NETBASIC.

You can also search for all of your *.old files. These files can be deleted to save space on your sys volume. They are created when you do a DSRepair on the server.

You will also see lots of *.000 files. These files are user/nds profile login scripts. There may be thousands of these *.000 files due to the fact that you have other replicas on your server, and these user profiles reside here for faster authentication.

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