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Catalog Services on NetWare 4.11

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By Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 12 Aug 1999

Not long ago someone asked in a Q&A if there was a version of Catalog Services for NetWare 4.11. Of course, you said that Catalog Services was only supported with NetWare 5. Well, I've found a way to make it work on NetWare 4.11, and while it may not be supported by Novell, it may be a cool solution for some of your readers. Here's how to make it work:

  1. Take a NetWare 5 CD, and copy the contents of PRODUCTS/CATALOG to your NetWare 4.11 server.
  2. Find the schema extension for NDS on the NetWare 5 CD at sys/system/schema, and extend your NDS schema manually using the program, NDSSCH.EXE from NetWare 4.11 public.

That's it. It should work now, but note the following: Only the released version of Catalog Services can run on NetWare 4.11.

Editors note: Please keep in mind that Novell doesn't support Catalog Services on NetWare 4.11. Tommy's workaround is indeed cool, so if it works for you, yahoo! If it doesn't, don't call support. They won't answer phone for this one.

Reader Comments on Tommy's Solution

Moustafa F. tried Tommy's solution and loved. He said, " This solution works perfect. You must follow what Tommy says to the letter and especially the use of the NLM and Schema extension on the original CD. If you try to use the ones that are on the service pack it will not work. Thanks a million you are the best.

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