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Pull a Fast One: Replace User Info in the Registry with NDS Info

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By Alex Warmerdam

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Posted: 3 Sep 1999

NDS2Word was born as a solution to the pesky problem caused by Microsoft products, such as Word and Excel, that require you to store a unique user name and ID in the local computer's registry file. The problem is that these user names and initials don't match any network ID or or NDS user name on your system which creates management overhead. And if you make an image of a workstation where Microsoft Word has been installed, the wrong username and initials pop up if someone tries to open a document that has already been opened by someone else.

NDS2Word solves this annoying problem and eliminates the extra usernames and initials. How? NDS2Word copies the user's full name from NDS into the registry and uses the generational qualifier field in NDS as the source of the initials that Microsoft stores in the registry on a Windows 95/NT workstation. As a result, the user name and initials in the registry file match the user name and generational qualifier in NDS. It's so much cleaner.

The best way to use NDS2Word is to launch the tool from the login script of the users who use Microsoft products such as Word and Excel. NDS2Word doesn't require any user intervention.

And one more thing, to get this utility working, you'll need to copy the cw3220.dll from the sys:public\win32 directory to the windows\system directory.

NDS2Word works with all the current versions of NDS, including NDS 8, and NetWare 4.10, 4.11, 4.2, and 5. Download it now, and give it a try.

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