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Change the Display Order of Objects in NWAdmin

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By Robert Cohen

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Posted: 16 Sep 1999

Editor's Note: Robert Cohen is an active participant in the NetWare Users International (NUI) group, and in his spare time, he works as an associate professor and computer specialist.

Have you ever been disappointed with the order in which the objects are displayed in NWAdmin?

It has always bothered me that in order to get to User objects (which I have to access the most) I've had to scroll past the Group objects, all the print related objects, and finally reach the User objects.

Well, if this has bothered you too, you will enjoy this tip. In NWAdmin32 version 5.0.0 for Windows, I found that I could change the order in which the objects are displayed and even determine which objects are displayed.

To accomplish an order change:

  1. Click the View pull-down menu just below the NetWare Administrator title bar, then click Sort and include.
  2. In the Included Classes box, select the object whose order you want to change, and then click the up or down arrow beneath the box to move the object in the appropriate direction.

    For example, I moved the User objects above Group objects.

To prevent an object from being displayed:

  1. Click the right arrow to move a selected object from the Included Classes box to the Available classes box.

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