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Eliminate Disk Hogs with this Utility

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Andrew Cobb

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Posted: 22 Sep 1999

Editor's Note: Andrew Cobb lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He's a member of the IT team for a merchant bank, and when he's not at the bank, he's busy running Nettech Australia, a company that develops NetWare utilities and custom NDS programs. If and when he has a moment of spare time, Andrew spends his time exploring the bush or sailing the seas of the southern hemisphere.

Always out of disk space? Sick of spending hours looking for disk hogs? Looking for the user who has copied 2 cds worth of games to their home directory?

If you're like most administrators, you spend much of your time trying to manage disk space. UserSpace is designed to help.

UserSpace is designed to quickly scan users home directories and reports on the amount of space used in each one. The location of the home directory is looked up in the NDS, and it will attach to the relevant server if necessary. The administrator can select any part of the NDS tree and UserSpace will report all the users from that point down.

UserSpace has been tested with NetWare 4.1x, NetWare 4.2, and NetWare 5.x, but not NDS 8. The only known limitation is NSS volumes. These volumes do not support, at the moment, disk restrictions, or disk summary reporting.

Click here to download the shareware version of UserSpace.

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