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Merge Partitions Across a WAN at Lightning Speed

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By Tony Sorenson

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Posted: 30 Sep 1999

Here's a hot tip from Tony Sorenson that gives you the scoop on how you can fast forward a partition merge across a WAN link.

When merging partitions, especially large ones across WAN links, the process can be made a lot more painless by placing the replicas where they will end up after the merge, before you start the merge.

In other words, any server that holds a readable copy of the parent partition and only a subordinate reference of the child is going to get a temporary read only copy of the child in the first stages of the merge. Add a read/write replica to that server beforehand so that it has all the objects it needs before the merge takes place. If a server holds a readable copy of the child partition and not the parent and you don't need that server to hold a replica after the merge, remove it before the merge. If that server does need a replica of the merged partition add a read/write replica of the parent partition before the merge.

One last step would be to have the same server hold the Master replica of both the parent and the child partitions before merging.

All of these things happen during the merge automatically, so what you are really doing is just performing some of the merge steps before hand so that they don't have to happen at once. I have seen where these preliminary steps help the merge happen almost immediately even across slow WAN links.

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