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Eliminate Hassles in NWAdmin with SnapinManager

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By Freddy Kaiser

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Posted: 13 Oct 1999

Freddy Kaiser, one of our top-drawer, does-it-all, systems engineers, lives and works in Switzerland. While we don't know if he can yodel or sing Edelweiss, we do know that he can whip up a quick and dirty tool, namely SnapinManager, to work around the Thread Local Storage (TLS) issue with NWAdmin. This issue has the net effect of limiting the number of snapins you can load. According to the other SEs who've tried SnapinManager (and believe us these guys and gals don't drop easy compliments), Freddy's SnapinManager "works beautifully". When Freddy isn't coding cool tools like this one, you can find him motorbiking or snowboarding, which in Freddy's words is "a must for a swissboy".

As many of you know, Microsoft Windows has a limited resource named Thread Local Storage, or TLS for short. Microsoft guarantees at least 64 TLS structures per process, but...if you're using several products such as ZENworks, BorderManager, and NDPS, the combination pushes you over the TLS limit. When you exceed the TLS limit, you get a message that tells you, ever so politely, that NWAdmin can't load a .dll because it is missing or corrupt. What to do?

Well, one work around, which won't win any prizes for elegance or grace, is to set up multiple copies of NWAdmin on your servers, and then manually copy some of the snap-ins into one directory and the other snapins into the other directory. This way neither directory contains all of the snapins, and the problem is solved. If this work around sounds about as enticing as getting all your teeth pulled without any novocaine, you may want to try the other work around, namely SnapinManager. In a nutshell, here's a list of the SnapinManager features:

  • Automatic display and analysis of the snapins
  • Creation and management of multiple environments
  • Copying of environments.
  • Quick Launch for preparing the snapins to have support pack or new product install.
  • Launch of NWAdmin (optional).
  • Automatic discovery of the Registry Settings, so it will save your View and the "dummy" objects will not appear.
  • Quick mark/unmark of product categories.
  • Calculation of TLS.

To install SnapinManager, copy it to the PUBLIC\WIN32 folder, and then launch it. SnapinManager automatically creates a SNAPIN.CFG file. (If you want to see a few examples, check out the sample SNAPIN.CFG file included as part of the SnapinManager download.)

So what are you waiting for? Download SnapinManager now, and try it out.

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