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Posted: 10 Mar 2000

We got an interesting e-mail the other day from a guy who was looking for a product or tool that would let him see a visual depiction of his tree. Here's how he described it:

Arnie R. wrote: In my early days of programming, back in the DbaseII world, there was a product called doc.exe. This would analyze your Dbase program and truly and visually "tree" it out showing all the links between the various modules, variables and fields used within and between the sub-routines.

When one uses nwadmn32 the tree is pretty flat (for a single resource). All the objects are listed one under the other. But the rights inherited, equivalent to me, trustees of, etc. are hard to visualize. You have to click properties and view them one at a time and then think about the relationships. This makes for difficult troubleshooting when a problem occurs.

And of course, I have a server where "by mistake" full rights were assigned at some level and inherited by everyone on all volumes. This means when a new user is added, that user has in essence "supervisor" rights at all levels without any further assignments. And I don't know where it comes from.

So, is there a program (shareware or commercial) that does what doc.exe did for Dbase. Which can read NDS and show in a visual tree who has what rights and where they got them from. This way I can see "the mistake" visually.

Much like a tree version of security.exe from NetWare 3.12 days.

This didn't seem like too much to ask, so we started sleuthing around the dimly lit underbelly of Novell (where the guys who wear EverQuest shirts sit). It's amazing what you can find if you ask the right moles. We found a bunch of developers who have one of the coolest tools we've ever seen that lets you to see your entire tree, allowing you to run simulations, tests, and to just plain find out what's going on. Check them out at their website:


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