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Merging Trees with NDS8

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Posted: 11 Jan 2001

If you are using an early version of NDS8, you might want to upgrade to the latest version which will include the ability to merge trees again.

NDS8.38 did not have the merge utility included, however it has been included in nds8.59.

NDS 8 servers can exist in a tree that is being merged, but they cannot be the master replica holder of the root partition. The master of root in both trees must be at exactly the same DS version. Our recommendation for keeping the master of root at t he higher version in a mixed tree is for ongoing operations in a tree. It is perfectly alright to promote a NDS 7 server to being master of root for the short amount of time necessary to perform a tree merge. Just remember to promote the NDS 8 server back to being the master after the merge has completed (wait a day to make sure everything has settled out from the merge).

If you decide to try it with NDS 8.5, then again, the 8.5 server must be the master of root in both trees. We would recommend doing the merge with NDS 7.x servers simply because 7.x has been in production longer and it is less likely to have any issues.

You should always partition off all containers directly below the root of the tree so that the [root] object is it's own partition before attempting to merge trees. If you don't do this, DSMerge will do it automatically in the background and the merge will take much longer to complete. Also, make sure that the names of all Organization containers (O=) are unique between the two trees.

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