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Posted: 22 Feb 2001

Award Winning Software Company Opens Office in Europe

It is with pleasure and excitement that Protocom Development Systems announces the opening of their European office in Oostvorne, The Netherlands and we proudly welcome, as Protocom's European Manager, well known identity Dr. Harold Robles.

Protocom creates powerful software solutions which satisfy the ever increasing demand for network security and privacy of information, consulting to an extensive range of large corporations, governments and organisations world wide.

Founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1993 Protocom has offices in the United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom and now Holland.

Protocom specialises in IT security enforcement solutions, such as encryption, Advanced Authentication solutions using biometric, token and smartcard based certificates as well as cross platform automation technologies. Principal products operate across all types of computer systems; mainframes, networks, mid range and UNIX based systems.

Major Protocom products:

Protocom SecureLogin - Single Sign-On and Advanced Authentication
8 years experience has ensured that Protocom is one of the world's most experienced manufacturers of third party, Single Sign-On solutions (SSO) utilizing X.500 directory.

  • Protocom SecureLogin is a fully featured, software based, Single Sign-on solution. It operates on NT Server, Active Directory, NetWare Directory Services (NDS) and selected LDAP compliant directories. SecureLogin integrates login mechanisms such as Fingerprint scanning, Smart Card and Authentication tokens with LAN, remote access, web, UNIX and mainframe systems to control access to internal systems.
  • SecureLogin provides Advanced Authentication and 'true' single sign-on to web sites, e-mail, UNIX, LAN, Windows Applications, accounting systems e-mail and mainframe systems while enhancing and ensuring the security of the IT environment. SecureLogin leverages an organization's existing infrastructure investment by using the existing LAN security systems to manage Single Sign-On.

Network Security and Automation

    Protocom SecureConsole for NetWare is a Local Area Network security product used by Fortune 1000 companies to add high levels of accountability to actions taken on their fileservers by IT Administrative staff. This product forces administrations to identify themselves (with biometrics, tokens, smartcards etc.) before they are entitled to their high level privileges. SecureConsole has a world wide installed base of over 40,000 fileservers, making it a world market lead for NetWare fileserver security.

    Protocom SecureTrustee is designed for large customers in all world markets. It empowers organisations to reduce network administration of security by up to 60%. It does this by enabling network administrators to centrally manage file system security on a network-wide basis using an organisation's enterprise directory such as Novell's NDS, Microsoft's Active Directory and other X.500 compliant directories. This cross platform product, enables customers to control LAN, Mainframe, m id-range and UNIX security from a central point with a single interface.

    Note: Protocom SecureTrustee winner of Novell's Global Developers' Contest Awards - 1999 Novell Overall Prize 'Network Manageability Commercial Application'.

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