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Managing your ConsoleOne Snapins

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By Wallace Marks

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Posted: 31 May 2001

I felt this might be useful for the group. Somebody on one of the forums had asked me some questions about how ConsoleOne snap-ins work. He felt my response was a good candidate for the CoolSolutions vault.

How do snapins get registered in ConsoleOne? Is there a utility which I can run to attempt to have them installed?

Unlike NWAdmin, there is no registration process per-se for ConsoleOne snap-ins. For ConsoleOne to recognize them, they simply have to exist in the \snapins directory. The nice thing is that Novell has started categorizing snapins into sub-directories. For example, when I look in my \snapins directory I see subdirectories for \GroupWise, \Ldap, \Zen etc. This is a definite improvement over NWAdmin32 where they were all tossed willy-nilly into the same subdirectory and many of them required registry keys to work.

These snapins usually have lots of supporting files that exist in other directories, for example under \ConsoleOneExt, \help, \lib and \resources. SOME of these are categorized into sub-directories; others aren't.

The good news is that Novell has made it easy to update ConsoleOne with snapin & support files. For example on the GroupWise 6 CD there's a directory called \Admin\C1Admin. Copy the contents of this directory on top of ConsoleOne directory and you've added the GroupWise 6 snapins & support files. On the ZfD3 CD they've broken it down into sub-categories for \AppMgmt, \AutoWrkSta, \Core, \Imaging, \RemMgmt etc. I'm certain you'll find a similar setup on all Novell CDs.

The bad news is REMOVING snapins and support files can be a real chore. Not often people have to do this, but it does happen sometimes.

I've found that ConsoleOne runs SUBSTANTIALLY faster from a local hard drive vs. over the network. So what I did was set up a master copy of ConsoleOne 1.2.d.1 on the network, then I went through all of my CDs and searched for \snapins subdirectories. I then copied over the ones I needed. When I was done, I had a master directory that could be copied down to C:\Novell\ConsoleOne on each administrative PC. My site admins periodically run an application object to update their PCs from the master directory. That keeps everybody up to date AND performing well.

"Simple", eh?

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