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Using CRON and STUFFKEY to Prepare Servers for Upgrade

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By Jonathan Laudicina

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Posted: 9 Jul 2001

Version: NDS 8.5

To save time and make things easier, we've implemented CRON and STUFFKEY in a serious way to prepare for NW5 and NDS8.5. Without these two tools, we'd have to manually run health checks, DSREPAIR and DSTRACE actions on almost 400 servers - which would take A LOT of time. I wanted to share these automated stuffkey scripts with the Cool Solutions readers (with the usual disclaimers of use at your own risk).

They require STUFFKEY.NLM, TOOLBOX.NLM, DELAYCMD and work best when scheduled with CRON (I've included my CRONTAB file). I've included the older version of TOOLBOX.NLM that I used, in case you're not patched to the latest and greatest nw4 sp level on all servers. Place all of the .cfg and .cf files included here in SYS:SYSTEM.

I put a .cfg extension on each stuffkey script. The STUFFKEY readme explains how to call each script.

The scripts cover automating the following:

  • Local DSREPAIR w/ option to rebuild operational schema
  • DSREPAIR -a to check external references to find obits
  • DSREPAIR -xk3 used to clean up some obits in extreme cases ****CAUTION in using this****
  • DSREPAIR to verify remote server IDs
  • DSREPAIR to repair server network addresses

Each script dumps a log file to SYS:SYSTEM\DSHEALTH\ after each process runs on the server.

The NCFs I've included cover some general DSTRACE commands, and a DSHEALTH.NCF that I used to call a combination of these scripts, and NCFs.

  • DSTDEF.NCF : sets DSTRACE options back to default
  • DSGOOD.NCF : healthy dstrace set commands
  • DSHEALTH.NCF calls combination of scripts and NCFs

Lastly, I used the COLLECT.BAT batch file to then map and collect each log file from each server. CALL it from another batch file including your SERVERNAME, i.e, CALL COLLECT SERVER1



Only thing is, the scripts I used, when reverse engineered (as I'm sure they will be), might actually educate some of the other readers out there on the usefulness of stuffkey, AND on the individual operations of DSREPAIR.

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