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Posted: 9 Nov 2001

Mark C. wrote in looking for some help from the pros. We're doing what any self-respecting editorial staff would do; looking for pros with an answer. Send us your suggestions and we'll pass them on to Mark.

We write several in-house applications. We assign file/directory rights to a group or a role in C1 to let the user see the application through NetWare. We then go into an in-house SQL Server application and assign this role or group the rights that are used within the application itself. "Rights" assigned for use within the application is just a string which the application can read from the SQL Server (by using the ActiveX controls to find the user's appropriate role and/or group) and parse to see what the user is allowed to do. A rights string might be "MKR", with each character specifying a right the application knows what to do with.

What I would like to do is roll this all up into a neat little package (NDS Object) that we can maintain in a single location, because sometimes we will assign the group/role rights in the SQL server portion but forget to assign the file/directory rights in C1. The App: Application object looks like it would be an almost perfect fit (with some overkill obviously). I could assign the icon, description, file rights, etc. The only thing missing is a way to add any number of groups/roles/users and then attach a string value with that item. I could then read the NDS object from within the application and find out everything I needed to know. So my question, in a nutshell, is:

  1. How can I take the App: Application object and remove attributes I don't need?
  2. How can I dd a multi-valued user/group/role list (like Associations in the App: Application), but have a free-form rights string I can associate with these objects instead of a pre-defined check box?

This new object does not necessarily need to be editable within C1 (I could write an app to edit it), but if it COULD be edited in C1 it might be nice.

PS: I have tried the Schema Manager but have not been able to come up with a way to do requirement #2 above there.

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