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eDirectory and Active Directory; an Outsider's Perspective

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By Padraic Boyle

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Posted: 30 Nov 2001

This may be old news, but hey, it was new to us and included some really good information on both eDirectory and Active Directory.

If you don't have time for the whole article, here's the most important part:

In the end, NDS eDirectory is a better overall directory services solution with a broader range of operating system support, superior security principals, and years of experience and stability. Not to mention: It is in the purist sense a directory service, and it's not limited to Novell environments. Conversely, Active Directory is Microsoft's first real move into the directory services market, and for a 1.0 version, it shows muscle with added functionality over previous versions of NT. However, because of its narrower focus and proprietary operation, it comes up short against NDS eDirectory.

And if you do have time for the whole article, here's ... the whole article:,3396,apn%253D2%2526s%253D1034%2526a%253D1559%2526ap%253D1,00.asp

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