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Posted: 4 Jan 2002

Unitor is the leading product and service provider to the international merchant marine and shipbuilding industry. The company offers more than 10,000 maritime products -- standardized for worldwide distribution -- to more than 1,000 ports and 14,000 client vessels.

With the consulting expertise of ComputerLand, Unitor selected Novell as its primary solutions provider to integrate and synchronize its network. Together with Novell, the company developed a solution, encompassing Novell eDirectory, Novell ZENworks, NetWare and Novell Account Management (NAM).

The interoperability of eDirectory proved to be the ideal directory to synchronize and integrate Unitor's existing technology. Seamless access and management of these applications -- Citrix Metaframe, IFS sales application and an Oracle database -- help to streamline business operations and procedures.

eDirectory allowed the company to merge its digital network user profiles into a single directory, establishing a centralized point of control and management. Implementation of NAM aids in the synchronization of usernames and passwords from the Citrix Metaframe solution with the rest of the network. This allows anytime, anywhere access to the network with standard authentication rights.

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