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Setting Time on Windows Servers Running eDirectory

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By Pauline Robinson

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Posted: 1 Mar 2002

Many thanks to Pauline Robinson at Lockheed Martin Technical Services for sending in some important information about (a few) missing steps in our recent article on eDirectory upgrades. Here are her additions to the checklist:

In the article titled eDirectory Upgrade Checklist, you failed to mention that on NT/W2k platforms a timeserv/W32time program needs to be run on NT Servers and the w32time service needs to be enabled on the W2k servers running eDirectory.

Here is the information I have for both that should be added to ensure time is synchronized between the Novell NetWare servers and the Microsoft NT/W2k servers running eDirectory.

Windows NT:

Timeserv version 1.55 is a service from Microsoft that can be used to allow the NT server to obtain time from an NTP time source. We tested it in our lab, but were unable to get it working properly.

W32Time is a newer replacement for Timeserv. It is a slightly different program from the Windows 2000 version, but has the same name.

Using W32Time on Windows NT 4.0:
Copy w32time.exe to %SystemRoot%\system32
Copy w32time.ini to %SystemRoot%

From a DOS windows type:
W32Time -Automatic (Will be automatically started when Winnt boots.)
W32Time -manual (Must be manually started.)

Edit the W32Time.ini file with the following parameters:
The Type=NTP
(This is 10000 times per day or about every 9 seconds. This is a good starting point to verify that synchronization is functioning properly. Once time is synchronized this interval should be changed to much smaller frequency such as 10.)
(This should be the IP address of the NTP time source [the NetWare 5.x server]).

The other settings in the default file can be left at the default setting.

These settings were used successfully in our lab.

Note that the file must be renamed to w32time.ini.

If the W32Time.ini file is updated:

  • Stop Windows Time service.
  • From a DOS window type W32Time -update
  • Restart the Windows Time service.

Once this is properly configured, time on the Windows NT server should converge. This should be accomplished prior to installing eDirectory on the Windows 2000 server.

Windows 2000 Servers:

For Windows 2000 W32Time is preinstalled as a required service on workstations and servers. This allows the server to obtain time from the domain or Active Directory or (as in our case) from a NetWare server with eDirectory. NetWare 5.0 and above servers by default are NTP time providers and can therefore be used to provide time.

The Windows Time service by default will be listed under services as a stopped, manual service.

To configure the server to obtain time from a particular NTP time source type the following command in a DOS window:
net time \\NTServerName /setsntp:

Where NTServerName is the name of the actual server that is receiving time (the server you are currently working on). To find the server name, right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Then choose the Identification tab. is the IP address of the NTP server (a NetWare server in our tree).

When this command is typed it will make a registry change for the W32time service.

Stop (if it is currently running) and then Start the Windows Time service to apply the changes.

Services is located under Control Panel | Administrative Tools.

Once this is properly configured, time on the Windows 2000 server should converge within about one minute. This should be accomplished prior to installing eDirectory on the Windows 2000 server.

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