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eDirectory Migration Notes

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By Kevin J. Vinson

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Posted: 5 Apr 2002

There's nothing like good old-fashioned field experience when it comes to dealing with new technology. Novell consultant Kevin Vinson surfaced from an eDirectory gig just long enough to hand us his CliffNotes. Thanks Kevin.

I have been working on an eDirectory migration project in North Carolina and we just completed the lab testing there. The entire project was very successful. Here are some of the details that may be helpful to others working on similar eDirectory projects:

Here's how we configured the lab.

  1. One NDS tree
  2. Four NetWare 5.1 servers with SP3 and NDS version 8.78
  3. One NetWare 4.11 server with SP9 and NDS version 6.13
  4. Approximately 25,000 objects
  5. 25 Partitions
  6. Two of the partitions exceed 4,000 objects
  7. The master replicas are spread across the four NetWare 5.1 servers
  8. The NetWare 4.11 server participates in all 25 replica rings

The following patches were applied.

  1. JVM131.EXE
  3. FE861SP1.EXE*
  4. SLP107F.EXE
  5. iMonitor version 1.5.2

The migration process started off by applying the JVM131 patch. Next, I applied the PREEDIRE patch to just the NetWare 5.1 servers since the DSREPAIR under 6.13 has the functionality of the DSREPAIR in the PREEDIRE patch. Next, I installed eDirectory 8.6.1 on the four NetWare 5.1 servers. After checking the health of the NDS tree, I applied the FE861SP1.EXE patch. Again, I verified the health of the NDS tree. Next, I applied the SLP107F patch and the newer version of iMonitor.

For the next three days, I performed partition operations, object moves, object creations, and object deletions and the NDS environment performed as I had hoped. I go back to the client's site in two weeks to finish up. In the meantime, the IT staff at the client's site is going to continue pushing the lab tree by extending the schema with application installations such as ZENworks and BackupExec. What really surprised me in all of this was the performance of the NetWare 4.11 server. It had no problem keeping up with all of the changes that were taking place.

One thing to keep in mind is, after eDirectory 8.6.1 was installed and I ran DSREPAIR on the local databases, I encountered thousands of -128 errors (validating stream file for ID: xxxxxxxx) that would not go away. Come to find out, there is a TID that explains about the "Record Locks" parameters in the Locks category under server manager. There are two parameters that need to be set to 100,000. Once I did that, the errors went away. I know this is a lab environment but I do believe that if all the precautions are taken including a very healthy NDS tree, the migration to eDirectory in a mixed environment of NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 4.11 can be successful.

This is the second project I have been involved in with migrating a client's environment to eDirectory. My first one was last summer at a large school district in Houston and the version of eDirectory was 85.19 (at that time) and it was very successful. I hope this information helps shed a little light.

* Editor's Note: During Kevin's project, the shipping version of eDirectory was 8.6.1. Since then, 8.6.2 has been released and is now the recommended upgrade. For more information, see the related "eDirectory 8.6.2 Upgrade Info" story.

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