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Visually see Disk Space Usage in Windows Explorer with Vyooh DiskView

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Posted: 31 Mar 2004

Check out this new tool (not free, but reasonably priced) that lets you see how your disk space is organized - inside Windows Explorer. Graphically see which files and folders are taking up your hard disk space.

DiskView uses a combination of color, shape, size, texture and transparency to represent various attributes of the file-system - hidden files and folders are transparent, newer are bright, system files have distinctive patterns and file-system attributes are depicted with icons. With one glance, you can see which files and folders are taking up the most disk-space, and gain an intimate understanding of how disk space is distributed on your computer.

With DiskView, you can manage your disk space wisely, and organize your files and folders without stepping out of Windows Explorer. DiskView helps you find big files at a glance, and visually shows how disk space is organized - not only on your computer, but also on network shares and mapped network drives.

DiskView is designed from the ground-up to be an integral part of the Windows shell, enhancing Windows Explorer where needed, while still exploiting its full capabilities, ease of use and raw power. Among the features that make DiskView an essential add-on for Windows Explorer are:

  • Complete integration with Windows Explorer and the Windows shell.
  • Coolest looking pie charts and bar graphs, with 3D look, textures and transparency!
  • Shell context menu integration - pies and bars behave just like files and folders.
  • Print support for DiskView reports, with custom headers and footer.
  • Pie chart and bar chart reporting options.
  • Export charts to PNG, JPG and BMP format, or copy to clipboard.
  • Instant Charts - real-time generation of charts as you browse the file-system.
  • Extremely configurable and customizable - easily change chart colors, label placement, print options, etc.
  • Integrated disk summary to see real-time disk usage of all drives.
  • Reporting of actual size occupied on disk.
  • Support for mapped network drives, as well as network folders with UNC paths.
  • 'Size on Disk' and 'Relative Size' column-handlers for Windows Explorer details view.
  • Integrated 'DiskView Folders' pane that shows relative folder sizes.
  • Sorting based on size or name.
  • Zoom in and out without loss of clarity - all graphics are anti-aliased with smooth rendering.

DiskView - a collection of several tools

DiskView is a suite of several components that work with each other to provide disk space usage analysis, management and visualization for Windows Explorer:

  • DiskView Visualizer shows a visual map of the current folder. It is designed to convey rich visual information about the current folder and its contents graphically. The Visualizer comes with an extensive set of functions in its integrated toolbar.
  • DiskView Folders pane provides a replacement to the Folders pane in Windows Explorer. It graphically represents the folder size as bars next to each folder. It also has options to sort folders by their size.
  • DiskView Toolbar is like a Google toolbar for Windows Explorer. With it, you can toggle the Visualizer and DiskView Folders pane on and off, and launch Disk Analyzer, configure options, access online help among other things.
  • DiskView Column Handlers provides "DiskView Size" and "Relative Size" columns for the Details view of Windows Explorer. While Windows does not put size information for Folders in its Size column, DiskView provides the actual size occupied on disk by each file and folder, and a graphical representation in the Relative Size column.
  • DiskView Analyzer is a helper application that analyzes your files and folders. It can analyze your disks as well as mapped network drives.
  • DiskView Controller is a master component that ties all these components together and makes them work seamlessly with Windows Explorer from behind the scenes.

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