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Tailoring eGuide for a Custom Fit

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Posted: 6 Jan 2003

Here are a couple of snazzy tips from the trenches to help you modify eGuide to do more for less.

The challenges:

  1. Can eGuide provide a way to click on a "Next" or "Previous"
  2. link in order to move through the results that are returned once a query
  3. has been performed? This way, if eGuide is set for 100 rows to return,
  4. the user can click a link to see the next 100 in the list and so on.

  5. The List Form option of the Display Layout has four columns to
  6. choose from? Is there a way to change this number to something like
  7. 5-6? We have enough real estate on the page to allow for quite a few
  8. columns.

The Cool Solutions:
eGuide 2.1 (the newly released version) comes with enough functionality to cover both of these tasks. (Hint, hint, eGuide 2.1 is available now.)

To solve challenge number one, upgrade. eGuide 2.1 shows 25 users in the search results "next" link at the bottom of the results page. If you're not seeing this link you're probably running a beta version.

As far as challenge number two, yes eGuide provides more than four values, but anything more than 4 has to be configured manually.

This is how you do it:

Go to where eGuide is installed under the webapps/eGuide/WEB-INF/properties directory. Edit the and add additional attributes using pipe delimited separator to the following key:


For example:


Save and then edit the file that ends with _DIR_SCHEME.XML.

Search for the attribute and edit the ColumnOrder value: in this example "title" would show up in the 6th column.


Save both files and restart your application server.

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