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Display Name Utility Updated

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By Fred McMullen

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Posted: 27 Jan 2003

Many branches of the Government are becoming more and more concerned about being able to identify e-mail users. While PKI and digital signatures are coming, the Army is already requiring that e-mail Display Name fields identify the user as a Government or Contractor and what company they work for.

This is a problem for GWIA, since the Display Name is automatically created from your username or First and Last name fields. With this utility, you can recreate the Display Name field on all outbound messages from other users property values in eDirectory.

For example:

A user EShinseki with a given name of Eric and surname of Shinseki Would normally have a GroupWise Display Name of

"Eric Shinseki"

This Utility could change it to:

"GEN Eric Shinseki (Government/Army Chief of Staff)"

A Contractor might show up as:

"Mr. Fred McMullen (Contractor/CST Inc)"

Or with the Last Name order switch applied it would show up as:

"McMullen, Mr. Fred (Contractor/CST Inc)"

This utility is pure Java and runs in the GWIA SMTP Service Queues. It requires the eDirectory schema to be extended and anonymous LDAP Access to eDirectory.

Download it here:

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