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Posted: 26 Feb 2003

One of the biggest performance issues we've come across in our environment is users unnecessarily connecting to various parts of the network. Here are a few reasons why a default client install can cause this behavior -- and a few ways to resolve it.

  1. If IPX is being used with NetWare 5, and it is not absolutely needed, remove it from the client and the server.

  2. The Novell client should have the preferred server set to the server that holds a replica of the partition where the user account exists.

  3. The next setting is IP Address Costing, at the default setting of "2" this setting causes the client to connect to the server that responds to an ICMP ping the fastest. The default setting causes some unnecessary connections to other servers. Set IP address costing to "1".

  4. SLP must be configured correctly in the environment for the settings to have a positive effect. This means follow the SLP design and implementation guidelines published by Novell.

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