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eDirectory and Auxiliary Classes

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By Niclas Ekstedt

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Posted: 26 Feb 2003

NetWare 6 comes with the new eDirectory 8.6. eDirectory 8.6 and above includes a new function called Auxiliary Classes (if you would like to know more about Auxiliary Classes, take a look at these documentation pages). Quite a few of the services in NetWare 6 use this new functionality. Since Auxiliary Classes are new to eDirectory, previous versions of NDS do not know anything about them. NDS versions 6.xx/7.xx do not know how to handle an object that has an Auxiliary Class attached to it. In order to be able to synchronize the objects between replicas, NDS 6.xx/7.xx sets those objects to Unknown.

But in fact, those objects are known to the eDirectory replicas. So if you look at an object that has an Auxiliary Class attached to it from an eDirectory replica you'll see the object as normal. But if you look at the same object from an DS 6.xx/7.xx replica, the object will appear as Unknown.

This is normal and working as designed.

However, one might run into problems if anything on a server that holds a DS 6.xx/7.xx replica is trying to read an object with an Auxiliary Class (i.e. Unknown object). In this case, the service may not function properly. An example of this is Contextless Login running on a DS 7.xx server.

The best way to get around this is to upgrade all your NetWare 5.xx servers to eDirectory. If you have NetWare 4.11 servers, you might be able to isolate those servers in their own replica rings, so that they don't share a partition with an eDirectory server.

You can upgrade 5.1 servers to eDirectory 8.6.2 without any cost. However, eDirectory 8.6.x can't be installed on NetWare 5.0. For your NetWare 5.0 servers you have 3 options:

  1. Upgrade the NetWare 5.0 server to eDirectory 8.5.1. This is a free upgrade.
  2. Upgrade the NetWare 5.0 server to NetWare 5.1 or NetWare 6.
  3. Try to isolate the NetWare 5.0 server in its own replica ring so that it doesn't share any partition with any other server. This is the least recommended option as that would leave with just one replica of the partition that is placed on the NetWare 5.0 server.

To make sure that the unknown object you see is actually unknown (due to the problem with auxiliary classes) use DS Browse on all servers and check to see if the object is only unknown on the NetWare 5.0 server (which it is, if it's due to aux classes).

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