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Advice From the Trenches About Resolving -128 Errors

Novell Cool Solutions: Trench
By Alejandro Pulido

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Posted: 24 Mar 2003

Here's a tip that I have found to be useful in my dealings with eDirectory.

When having apparent DS issues and after using DSrepair and DStrace you find a -128, LOCK FAIL, amongst certain replica holders, I "recycle" the offending servers noted in the reports. By recycle, mean you can reset the server or in some cases, if the server is unresponsive, you may have to power it off then back on. I call powering the server off then back on, "recycling".

This usually fixes the Lock Fail error after a few minutes of synching. It is an easy fix that takes minutes, not the hours it might take if you were to follow some of the current TID suggestions that exist.

If you have questions about this procedure, ping Mike at

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