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Changing User Associations

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Posted: 31 Mar 2003

The Problem

We are trying to figure out if there is a way to change the association for the eDirectory users, while keeping the same AD user. Here's what we're trying to do:

user1.context1 ----> ADDomain\USERS\user1
change association to:
user1.context2 -----> ADDomain\USERS\User1

We need to maintain both user1.context1 and user1.context2 alive for a while.

A Few Suggested Solutions

Try the following when trying to change the association in eDirectory:

<modify association>
	<association>of context1</association>
	<association>to context2</association>
</modify association>

This will change the association of 1 to 2 when being transformed in XSLT.

However, it sounds like you might be looking for the ability to delete the association of the users in eDir Context 1 and add the associations to the users in Context 2. Here's how to accomplish that task:

Do an LDIF extract of DirXML-Associations of users in Context 1.
Modify the file to do a delete of the attribute.

dn: cn=user1,o=context1
modifytype: modify
delete: DirXML-Association
DirXML-Association: ADdriver#1#GUIDvalue

Then change the original file to:

dn: cn=user1,o=context2
modifytype: modify
add: DirXML-Association
DirXML-Association: ADdriver#1#GUIDvalue

And import.

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